Loved In is a faith based ministry with a heart and determination to make an impact on the sex industries and human trafficking in Connecticut and beyond.  We believe that every man, woman and child who has been affected by the sex industry and human trafficking can live healthy and abundant lives.  Our current focus is to reach those involved in the strip clubs and to train others to do the same.  We are also connected to a larger network of ministries and organizations whose focus is to reach and provide assistance in helping each individual reach their full potential in life.


Our Team

We began as a small team of three: Audrey Blackwell, Sheryl Dougherty and Susan Noviello.  Audrey and Susan have worked together in the healing prayer ministry and Sheryl and Susan currently serve through outreach together on the streets in Middletown, CT.  The three of us were joined because of a heart for human trafficking in CT and we are all passionate about sharing the love of Jesus and seeing people set free from inner turmoil.  We spent over a year and a half being trained, equipped and transformed to set out and reach those affected by trafficking and the sex industries.  Together through sharing the hope of the Gospel, relationship building and providing practical needs for the women in the clubs we are able to show them that they are LOVED IN Jesus. Our team is currently growing and currently includes faithful intercessors, meal and dessert preparation, and outreach ministers.  If you are interested in joining our team please contact us via email at



The Underground

The Underground has been a generous supporter and friend of Loved In.  The Underground has become a pioneer in bringing awareness of human trafficking to Connecticut as well as connecting with the churches to become a united force in the area.  They are currently breaking ground on many fronts to bring an end to human trafficking and to help those who have become victims.  If you would like to learn more of how you can get involved check out their website at



Kainos Life Ministries has been encouraging, equipping and setting people free through the love and ministry of Jesus since 2009.  Kainos has been instrumental in equipping our team for the work of the ministry and we are grateful for their continuous support and friendship.  To learn more about Kainos check out their website at


In 2015 the State of Connecticut Department of Children and Family Services offered a training for those interested in spreading awareness for Human Trafficking in the State of Connecticut.  As our team attended the training and became certified to teach on awareness in our state we became aware that a vital entry point for human trafficking in Connecticut is the sex industry.  We were inspired to do more than just spread awareness and decided to step out and reach those affected by the industry and human trafficking.  Since there were no current ministries reaching the strip clubs in Connecticut we were inspired to actively seek training and begin reaching out to the women in the clubs.  We are currently in the process of formulating a well rounded training program and forming solid teams who are well equipped to reach and restore hope and promise to those we come in contact with.


             To reflect our Father's heart of love by caring for those affected by the adult entertainment industries to experience a new and abundant life.