Joining the Team

We are always welcoming new team members who are interested in sharing the hope of the gospel and loving women and men into their new abundant lives. Our desire is to bring hope into clubs throughout Connecticut, which means covering a very large area, since the clubs are not close to each other geographically.   We hope to engage women who are closer in proximity to the clubs in a particular area.  Below are some of the available ministry opportunities.  All new ministers will be required to complete an application that includes references and a background check.



Ministry Opportunities

  • Club Ministry - We enter the clubs with the purpose of offering love and support for the women through relationship building. This group would ideally enter a particular club on a regular basis.  A typical night would involve the group gathering for prayer prior to entering a club and visiting a given club for less than an hour. Depending on how many clubs are in your area you can expect to volunteer for only 2 - 3 hours per week. 
  • Hospitality Team - Currently we are able to bring meals into one of our clubs.  Planning and preparing meals on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly schedule to feed about 10 people. 
  • Prayer Team - Receive weekly emails with updates and prayer requests for the clubs we are entering.  We also welcome new prayer teams to pray over clubs that we have not begun ministering to yet. 
  • Championing and volunteering for fundraisers - Fundraising is a great opportunity to bring awareness about human trafficking.  We always welcome new fundraising initiatives and volunteers. 
  • Childcare Ministry - A future desire of Loved In is to create or identify a childcare program to fill a basic need of these working women, consistent and reliable childcare.  This will open doors not only with the women, but offer opportunities for us to speak into the lives of young children. 
  • Recreational Ministry - Planning fun events and outings for the women in the clubs is a great opportunity for relationship building and for the women to feel valued while having fun. 
  • Men's Ministry - We are partnering with groups of men who are interested in supporting us through their men's ministry.  To protect their integrity, men will not enter clubs but pray off site while the women are in the clubs.  These men would also be available to work with men who we meet in the clubs that desire to know about Christ. 
  • Discipleship/Mentoring - We anticipate the need for groups throughout CT to come along side of these women in understanding the word of God, life skills and healthy relationships.
What would an army of love be? Sons and daughters released to the darkest corners of the earth to carry the light of His face refelected in their own, as they see who they really are in God’s eyes. Could an army be raised up to fight hate with love; injustice with mercy and truth; war with peace; poverty with generosity; despair with joy and praise; striving with rest; religion with freedom?
— Unknown Author


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